Braking News

Earlier this month the Leaf’s tires got switched from winter to summer.  I asked the technician to check the wear on the brake pads when he did the switch.  Afterwards he said the brakes were “practically new”.  Not bad considering that our Leaf is now over 19 months old with 26,000 km (mostly city).

A week later I took our gas car, a Camry, in for the winter/summer tire switch.  For the Camry, when it’s time to switch the tires then it’s also time for an oil change and service.  Those goodies added $150 more to the cost of the appointment.  Hmm. The good news is the brakes on the Camry also looked “practically new”.  They better! They were replaced only eight months and 11,000 km (mostly highway) ago.

The Leaf’s regenerative braking seems to be stretching the life of the brake pads as expected.  It’s still early in the life of the Leaf though so I’ll update you on this later on.






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