Over two years ago I came to the realization that although I’d known climate change was upon us I wasn’t doing much about it.  Sure, we had installed heat pumps and increased the insulation in our home to reduce power usage but what else to do?  At that time I discovered electrically powered vehicles (EV’s).  What a great and cool way to reduce our carbon footprint!  Over a year of research ensued during which I learned about the rapidly developing EV technology, the industry players, the growing global support and the EV’s which were available for purchased in Canada.

On August 29, 2014, Lee and I bought our 2014 Nissan Leaf.   In the months that followed we have learned a lot about owning and driving an electric car.  As Canadians and, especially,  Atlantic Canadians I suspect our experience is still fairly novel if not unique.  I decided to blog about it with the hope that some will find this helpful when considering the purchased of an electric car.


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